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I look at who I used to be years ago
I realize there is one real reason I am who I am
I was torn inside from the out
Here I am today
The girl I was is different than the women I am today
My heart stood through the worse
My heart felt full through the best
With you
I never shake as I used to
I never cry as I used to
The comfort I feel through my body with your words and arms
I'm in a whole new world
A whole new universe
I can't feel the worries
I no longer feel the sadness that reigned throughout my mind and soul
Though I long for you night and day
I miss your touch
I miss your eyes
But I will survive
For I am stronger
Stronger with your presense in my heart
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Rose :iconcoldwintersxo:coldwintersxo 0 0
My Shinning Star
My Shinning Star
I love you as long as the stars keep beaming
And when it shines
I will love you as long as the sun keeps shinning for flowers to grow
And when it rains
I will love you as long as flowers keep growing from water droplets
And when it’s dark
I will love you as long as the moon up above lights up the jet sky
And when it’s cloudy
Sun shall burst through the clouds because my love for you is pure
And when gardeners will kill the flowers for a bouquet
The Gods up above will make sure the bouquet will never die
For my love for you will last
As long as you are my other half
:iconcoldwintersxo:coldwintersxo 1 2
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We are all something
United States
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sewer-scum Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009
dude1 its been a long time! how are things?
coldwintersxo Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010
good how are you
sewer-scum Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2010
im alright. its been a long time since we talked, so i thought id say hi n see how things were doing :)
coldwintersxo Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
thts good yea its been a long time.
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